Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use The Hill Group L.P.?
The Hill Group L.P. strives to meet all clients, and applicants to insure both effective skill and personality matches. We offer friendly personalized service, enabling us to focus on your individual needs and qualifications. In addition, we are linked with various networks which allows us to access the local, state and national markets.

Do you mass mail my resume?
No. Your resume is only sent to prospective clients you have expressed an interest in or after talking with you about your career interests, we will use our professional expertise to find what we consider a match for you. You may request that your resume is sent to only certain firms  and we will honor that request.

After receiving my resume, how soon is it before my first interview?
Interviews are subjective to positions available matching your skills, salary and location requirements.

 Who pays the placement fee?
All fees are paid by client companies.

If I list my resume with The Hill Group, do I have to sign a contract to use your service exclusively?
The Hill Group L.P. respects your right to be in control of your own job search. We want to be a tool in this very important endeavor. We would like to be your first choice in employment agencies, but would never ask for you to use us exclusively. When it comes to your career, you make the decisions, not us.

Do I have to take any job offered?
The Hill Group L.P. always allow applicants to make their own career decisions.